Blenheim School Values

Blenheim School believes that values are important to guide our students through life.
The values we have chosen are directly linked to our Vision:

To prepare our students for a rapidly changing world by building learners who are future focussed and forward thinking.

We engage with local and global communities and celebrate diversity.

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Teaching and Learning programmes at Blenheim School follow the guidelines and expectations from the Blenheim  School Curriculum.

We set high expectations for achievement and provide a variety of high quality learning programmes that are inclusive of all abilities and cultures.

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Keys to Success

To enable all students to succeed and to open doors through education Blenheim School has developed " Keys to Success'

These are the 'key competencies' that we as a school would like all students to have when they leave Blenheim School.

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Our Commitment

Blenheim School staff are committed to providing a safe and happy environment for your child. An environment where your child can reach their potential academically, physically and socially.

We encourage high levels of communication between school, student and  whanau .We welcome feedback from parents regarding Students learning and development at school.

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Blenheim School is a caring community of learners where all achievement is recognised and celebrated.

Blenheim School was established in 1859 and has 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation pupils on it’s roll.
Many of the current pupils older siblings have already had their primary education at Blenheim School.  In 2009 Blenheim School Celebrated it’s 150 year Jubilee. The school has become a ‘Registered Place” through the Historical Places Trust in 2010.  Historically Blenheim School pupils have come from the surrounding areas, ie Riversdale, Farnham,  Dillions Point and from all areas of Blenheim.

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Blenheim School has much to offer your child.

Quotes from April 2013 ERO report

"Students are well engaged in a positive settled environment"

"Students and their families are involved in setting goals and developing plans"

"A wide range of effective teaching strategies are used in classrooms."

"Classroom environments support learning and promote belonging"

We provide Marlborough families with high quality learning experiences that cater for students with diverse needs.

We believe in fostering a secure, caring, child centred environment where older students work along side and support younger students.

Our vision is to develop learners with GRIT

Our curriculum delivery is thorough and challenging. Our students are happy, enthusiastic and motivated to learn. Our staff are a competent, nurturing professional team who want the best possible outcomes for each individual in their care.

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Blenheim School contact details


11 Seymour Street
Blenheim 7201

phone   (03) 577 5542

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Opening Hours and Break times

Blenheim School is open 8.00 – 4.30

Students are asked to arrive after 8.15 and are encouraged to get lunches ordered, bags unpacked and ready for the start of school.

8.55 – 10.40 Teaching
10.40 – 11.00 Morning Tea
11.00 – 1.00 Teaching
1.00 – 1.55 Lunch
1.55 – 3.00 Teaching

Dates for 2017

Term 1
30 January - 13 April

Term 2
1 May - 7 July

Term 3
24 July - 29 September

Term 4
16 October  - 19 December

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