Blenheim School has much to offer your child.

Quotes from April 2013 ERO report

"Students are well engaged in a positive settled environment"

"Students and their families are involved in setting goals and developing plans"

"A wide range of effective teaching strategies are used in classrooms."

"Classroom environments support learning and promote belonging"

We provide Marlborough families with high quality learning experiences that cater for students with diverse needs.

We believe in fostering a secure, caring, child centred environment where older students work along side and support younger students.

Our vision is to develop learners with GRIT

Our curriculum delivery is thorough and challenging. Our students are happy, enthusiastic and motivated to learn. Our staff are a competent, nurturing professional team who want the best possible outcomes for each individual in their care.

We have attractive classrooms that display student work and achievements; a spacious library with an increasing collection of current materials; a swimming pool which allows us to include swimming instruction for to all students in our programme. Our edible garden is part of our spacious playground and is easily accessed by our students. A recent addition to the school environment was the planting of our open orchard.
We believe in providing children with as many learning experiences as we can. Within our resources, children have opportunities to participate in science, music, drama, art, a range of sports as well as a comprehensive special needs and abilities programme to cater for diverse needs.
Parents of prospective students are most welcome to visit the school and see the teaching and learning in action.

This website will provide you with some important information about our school. We hope you enjoy it.
My staff and I will endeavour to make your child’s time with us both rewarding and enjoyable.
If further information or detail is required, please do not hesitate to call, your enquiry is most welcome.

principalDenyse Healy
Principal Blenheim School

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