Blenheim School is a caring community of learners where all achievement is recognised and celebrated.


Blenheim School learning and teaching is directly linked to the Blenheim School Curriculum which was developed with the Board  and staff to cater for the specific need of our school community. We believe that the child is the centre of learning and teaching, therefore everything we do must be linked to students’ achievement and learning for life in the future.

Through our Behaviour Management plan, Keys to Success  and  Values we aim to provide students with the skills, knowledge and attitudes to enable them to be life long learners and to learn to do, learn to think and learn to live together. We believe that no one has the right to disrupt the learning of others.

Blenheim School “Keys to Success”

To enable all students to succeed and to open doors through education Blenheim School has developed 'Keys to Success’ These are the ‘key competencies’ that we as a school would like all students to have when they leave Blenheim School. These are written in child friendly language and these are displayed in all classrooms.
They are taught in each classroom and reinforced in assembly each week with an award for the Key to Success that is being focussed on that term.

Keys to Success are to be:

Get along

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