The Board of Trustees

The role of the Board of Trustees is to govern the school. Governance is about working ‘on’ the school, not ‘in’ the school.
It is the Board of Trustees' job to set direction, to define and oversee strategy, to employ the Principal, to allocate certain funds, and to ensure the school meets its objectives. The Trustees also ensure that the school gathers information, seeks expert advice and gets support when making big decisions.


The Board of Trustees does not manage the school; that is is the role of the Principal. It is her job to manage the staff, to run the school on a day-to-day basis, and to implement the strategies and directions agreed by the Board.


The Blenheim School Board of Trustees
Pete Stace | Denyse Healy (Principal) | Linda Pedersen | Jack Feavers (Chairman) | Peniamina Faalave
Absent: Holly Hardaker

The Blenheim School Board is diverse and opinionated — just the way it should be! The trustees are elected by parents and caregivers as part of a checks and balances system of accountability. Make sure you vote in Board of Trustee elections so that you are heard, and please consider joining the Board of Trustees to help steer the school.



Work in Progress


My name is Peniamina Faalave; my lovely wife’s name is Rita. We have two adorable children, our daughter Bridginiah and our son Peletisala both attending Blenheim School. I am the Pasifika representative on the School Board. My goal is to enhance our Pasifika children’s achievement in education, which is the key to their future. What I love about Blenheim School is that it has a unique, culturally diverse environment and that Pasifika children fit in well.


My name is Holly Hardaker and I have been a Board member for three years. I am a Registered Nurse at NMDHB. I have two children attending Blenheim School at present. and they both absolutely love attending every day. My goal is for all other children to feel the same about our school.


I'm the school Principal and it is my job to work with the Board of Trustees to effect change and to implement the decisions and directives reached by the Board. The staff and I are very grateful to the individuals that take the time to serve as Trustees, and to the Board as a collective, for their contribution to the success of our kura. We literally could not run the school without them.


Work in Progress


Work in Progress