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I really appreciate the connections this school provides in helping my child reach his full potential for his age. Any obstacles that have arisen have been dealt with a positive manner, as this school has great communication skills. Parent

Blenheim school is a fun school to learn and grow our brains. I liked going to pine valley camp. I like speaking maori words and samoa words. i like playing with my friends. Student

I love my experience at Blenheim School because I get lot of opportunity like camp, art gallery and much more. I never want to leave this school, it is amazing. Student

Awesome teachers, teaching my children all that they need to thrive at Blenheim School. Learning and achieving loads. Well done teachers and principal. Parent

I feel safe at school. We do lots of fitness. it's always fun learning. the students and teachers respect me. Student

This school is the best of the best, people are kind and caring. I learnt a lot here. Student

Blenheim School has taught my children a lot. I am so happy as my kids have come a long way in their learning with maths, reading, writing and kapahaka etc. I love this school for what they are doing for all the tamariki. Parent

I like helping people at Blenheim School. I like the teachers helping me with my maths. I like doing the dual language book with Bex and [other student]. I like Blenheim School. I like how I can play lots of sport at Blenheim School like volleyball and soccer and rugby. Student

Something I like about our school is that people take care of each other and even if they do something wrong they say sorry.  I like how people respect the teachers and each other most of the time. I don't want to leave Blenheim school it's the best. i like how people use GRIT and when they help people when people fall. Student

The school has a strong whakatauki which supports learning and Maori students connect with this. There's is a strong sense of  belonging to the school. Excellence is promoted through the school vision of GRIT. Teacher


My daughter has been pushed in her learning to achieve and feels like she has achieved more at Blenheim school than her previous school. We appreciate the culture of no bullying in this school as it leads to mttore focus on learning and the school being a community. Parent

I am having a good time learning maths writing and reading and how to make friends. Student




(03) 5775542

11 Seymour Street, Blenheim, Marlborough 7201 

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