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Policies and Procedures

Website: SchoolDOCS and search for Blenheim School


PASSWORD: grit2811

Blenheim School uses SchoolDocs for our Policies and Procedures. School Docs manages our policies and procedures online, in a way that allows us to maintain, review and update them regularly. It ensures that our policies and procedures are up to date, that we are following Ministry of Education best-practice guidelines, and that we are meeting our reporting requirements.  It is a quick, easy, user-friendly site that can be shared with parents and staff alike.

Copyright: Except where stated, the content on this site is the copyright of SchoolDocs Ltd. It may not be reproduced without written permission from SchoolDocs Ltd.

Belonging to SchoolDocs means:

  • Our policies and procedures are online and accessible to the whole school community.

  • The content is monitored and updated to comply with New Zealand legislation, ERO requirements, and other audits, and in response to advice sent to schools.

  • The SchoolDocs review process streamlines reviewing and the advisory service helps to keep our school compliant.


  • SchoolDocs content is updated every term as a result of scheduled and internal reviews.

  • Printed copies of policies and procedures are available on request. The site is designed and written for online use; there are links to other pages and to online resources that won’t work in a printed version. These links are essential in showing how the policies and procedures relate to each other.

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